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Links to external web sites that are not connected to a site but need to be included in site navigation.

In order to include an EXTERNAL LINK in site navigation, create a new EXTERNAL LINK asset and save it in the root folder of the site. The Display Name is what will appear as a link if you choose to include the link in the site’s navigation.

To add a new external link:

Click NEW in the System Menu then EXTERNAL LINK.

Enter LINK information and content:

System Name: Name the link logically.
Names must contain:

  • Letters and numbers only
  • No spaces – hyphens only (-)
  • No uppercase letters

Parent Folder: Choose the folder where you want to save the new EXTERNAL LINK.

Display Name: The Display Name is the text that will appear in the main navigation.

Include in Navigation/Open in New Window: Choose to include the EXTERNAL LINK in the main navigation or not. Also if you want the external to open in a new window that is option is available here.

Link:  Enter the full URL of the link, including “http://”.