Files (images, pdf, or docx)

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file2 Files (Images and Documents)

FILES are images and documents that you wish to upload to your site. 

Always upload image FILES to the images folder within the _common folder. Always upload documents such as .pdf files, .docx files, and .xlsx to the _documents folder within the common folder.

To Add New File:

Click NEW in the System Menu, then either:

  • Default then FILE (older templates)
  • OR Image or Document then IMAGE OR DOCUMENT (Flexbox template)

Older template menu example ORImage or document menu

Enter the file's information and content:

System Name: If uploading a file you do not need to enter the system name.
Names must contain:

  • Letters and numbers only
  • No spaces – hyphens only (-)
  • No uppercase letters

Do not make file names longer than necessary. For example, a file named 2011-outstanding-faculty-of-the-year-application.pdf should be shortened to 2011-outstanding-faculty-app.pdf.

Parent Folder: Choose the folder where you want to save the new FILE. (Note: most files are saved and organized in the _common folder, either in the images folder or the documents folder.)

Browse to the file on the computer by clicking Choose File. When the file is uploaded make any necessary edits to the file, including changing the system name to exclude spaces and capital letters.


To Replace an Existing File:

Navigate to the file you wish to replace.

Click EDIT.

Click Choose File and add the new file from your computer.


Note: Make sure to publish the file.