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A PAGE is an individual web page. By default, each FOLDER will contain and requires a PAGE named index. Additional PAGES can also be added to each FOLDER. Each page will be included in the navigation of the site, unless the user chooses the No radio button for the option Include in Navigation. The Display Name will appear as the navigation link text.

When creating a PAGE, make sure it is always within a FOLDER of the site, and not in the root of the site

To Add a New Page

Click NEW in the System Menu then choose the PAGE type you wish to create.

Enter PAGE information and content:

System Name: Give the PAGE a meaningful name.
Names must contain:

  • Letters and numbers only
  • No spaces – hyphens only (-)
  • No uppercase letters

Parent Folder: Choose the folder where you want to place the new PAGE.

Display Name: The Display Name is the text that will appear in the main navigation, as the link to the page.

Include in Navigation: You are able to choose whether to include or not include the PAGE in the main navigation.

Other editable regions: There are many other editable regions on the page. Refer to the template layout images in previous pages of this document. These are the areas where main content of the page is added.