Dashboard, Recycle Bin, and other Basics

Main Content


The Dashboard is located within the Home area and shows messages, general information, content for reviews, stale content, and a summary of recent activities.

Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is also located within the Home area and deleted assets will be held here with the option to restore them. After 30 days, assets will be deleted completely and are irretrievable.

asset tree

Asset Tree and Base Folder

The Asset Tree is a list of files and folders on the left side of Cascade. Clicking on a folder will open and expand it in the Asset Tree, revealing the files, pages, or subfolders inside. At the top of the Asset Tree is the Base Folder. This will hold all folders and files for your site. You can think of the Base Folder as a container for your entire site.

The Asset Tree's organization will be directly reflected in your site's navigation, so maintaining an organized structure within the Asset Tree is very important. 

Site Chooser

Site chooser dropdown menu

A Site Chooser drop-down will be displayed at the top left of the browser window allowing you to easily switch between the Global Area and the site you wish to edit. You can also find shared images, blocks, and any other sites you may have access to here.