Adding an Image to a Page

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Adding an Image

new default fileUpload an image

  1. In the System Menu at the top click NEW. 
  2. Under the DEFAULT pop-out click FILE (older templates), or under the IMAGE OR DOCUMENT pop-out click IMAGE OR DOCUMENT (Flexbox Template).  
  3. Make sure the PARENT FOLDER is set to the _common/images folder
  4. Scnew image or documentroll down to the DATA area and click CHOOSE FILE.
  5. Navigate to the file on your computer and open it.
  6. Once done resizing or editing the image, click SUBMIT.
  7. While editing a page, in the WYSIWYG editor, click the IMAGE icon.
  8. In the new pop up box, click the FILE icon and navigate to the _common/images folder or click upload to upload a new image.
  9. Choose the image and click CONFIRM.
  10. Add Alternative Text for the image.
  11. Click INSERT
  12. Don’t forget to publish the image or it will not appear on a web page (see the PUBLISH section).

Add an image to a page

Note: to change the alignment of an image, click the Advanced tab in the Insert/Edit Image window and change the alignment in the dropdown menu. Add vertical and horizontal spacing of “10”.


Add a new banner image

When editing the page, click the FILE icon file in the Banner Image area. Choose the file you wish to add, click confirm and then add the Alternative Text for that Image. 

Common SIU Images

All Cascade users have access to a library of approved images. In the Site Chooser, choose the site named Common Images and browse to the images you wish to use. There are folders containing images sized to the appropriate banner image size. These images are already published.

Photo Rotations

You can add multiple banner images in a slideshow by first choosing Slideshow of Images and then clicking the plus plus button in the top left corner of that data area. You can then add additional photos using the same process as the first. Similarly, you can remove a photo from the slideshow by clicking the minus button.