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Tables should only be used to display data. There are many accessibility requirements with tables so most of the time, it's easiest to create the table you want, and then to fill out a web ticket to let us know you added a table that we need to code for accessibility. You can add a table by copying and pasting it from Microsoft Word, or you can use Cascade's table tool.


On all tables do the following for accessibility:

  1. Add a table summary (example: summary="summary of table")
  2. Always wrap the interior of the table tag in <tbody> tags
  3. If adding table headings (th) make sure to match the id of the th with the "headers" on the corresponding td (example: headers="course").
  4. Add aria-labeledby tag and refer to a caption, heading, or any other piece of content with an id (example: aria-labeledby="caption"). 
  5. Use a caption tag to add a title for the table: <caption id="caption">Accountancy, required 6 hours</caption>, for example.