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Template Conversion 

A new SIU template is being developed for Administrative, College, and School websites. Academic websites are still being transferred to the domain onto that template.  We will update you with more information once it is ready.


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To report a website loading slower than normal, please submit this form

The information gathered from this will help us look into any issues that are from web servers, network, etc.

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In-person training is required to gain access to your website on Cascade.

Trainings are scheduled on an as needed basis but usually occur once per month.

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Web Communications manages the University's Web communication efforts and hosts approximately 400 websites for University departments, registered student organizations, and marketing initiatives. Most University websites are hosted on Cascade Server Content Management System (Cascade). We work with departments on strategy and content within the framework of the university’s overall communication and marketing goals.

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Web Communications also works with departments to ensure that sites are up-to-date by performing regular content audits, link checks, and accessibility evaluations.

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