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Last Updated: Jun 12, 2024, 04:15 PM

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  • Flexbox Template Support

    Flexbox is the template for administrative (non-academic) websites. The Flexbox template is fully responsive and allows for flexibility in page layout. The following provide support for the Flexbox template.

  • Fluid Template Support

    The Fluid template is a new SIU template developed for Administrative, College, and School websites. This template was designed to have more visual components for a more diverse look. Check out our support page for the training guide, and the list and examples of all components of this new template.

  • Website Support Tickets

    For any changes to your website, please utilize our ticketing support system. This streamlined process ensures your requests are efficiently tracked and addressed. Simply submit a ticket detailing the change you need, and our team will promptly work on your request. 

What We Do

WEB COMMUNICATIONS manages the University's Web communication efforts and hosts approximately 400 websites for University departments, registered student organizations, and marketing initiatives. Most University websites are hosted on Cascade Server Content Management System (Cascade). We work with departments on strategy and content within the framework of the university’s overall communication and marketing goals.

Web Communication Team

Jessica Mann

Associate Director


Nancy Skovgaard

SEO & Lead Web Strategist

Eric Halfacre

UI/UX Designer

Leah Williams

Web Strategist

What We Can Help With

Web Hosting

We provide free Web hosting for colleges, departments, administrative areas, research projects, grant programs, and student organizations. Sites for colleges, departments, administrative areas, and grant programs are hosted on Cascade, our Content Management System (CMS). Other sites can use an application like Wordpress, or users can build static sites.

Cascade Support

For efficiency and brand management, SIU uses Hannon Hill’s Cascade Enterprise Content Management System (CMS). We fully support Cascade as our main method of web content delivery. For assistance, we have online documentation, timely responses to web tickets, and our friendly staff at 618-453-9327(WEBS).

Cascade Training

In order to edit SIU websites that are on Cascade, training with Web Communications is required. 

Attendance at two basic training sessions is required in order to gain access to Cascade. This training is required for new users but can also be a good refresher for current users. 

Front End Design and Development

All template design and development is done within Web Communications. Front end design and development includes conducting research, conceptualizing design that meets the needs of our many departments, and html and css development.

Back End Development

Cascade Server, as an enterprise content management system (CMS) is very customizable. Any customization is developed within Web Communications. Our talented developer works in Velocity, XML, PHP, and JavaScript to create web templates that meet the needs of our departments.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Communications monitors Google Analytics for several high traffic SIU websites. Many sites are already in the main SIU Google Analytics account and have data that is being tracked. If you would like access to this data, and/or if you would like Google Analytics added to your site, please contact jmann@siu.edu

We also work diligently with academic departments to increase ranking in organic search through SEO software.


Web Communications works thoroughly to make sure our websites rank as the most accessible higher education websites in the country. We follow WCAG 2.0 AA standards as well as adhere to the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA), sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


We perform regular maintenance on University websites. This includes auditing sites for accessibility, checking for broken links, and updating applications.

Information Architecture

A good website relies on clear and easy to follow navigation. We work with departments to provide professional assistance in developing well-organized web content.

Web Content

Web Services works with University Communications and Marketing writers to develop up-to-date, professional web content. For departments who need it, we provide guidance regarding good web content.