Website Applications

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We allow some 3rd party applications, like WordPress, to be installed on your web account.  Other application requests will need to be approved by our department as well as the I.T. department.

We are not able to support these applications and website owners are fully responsible for keeping the application up to date.  If the application becomes outdated, a warning email will be sent.  If it continues to be outdated, the site will be deactivated until this can be fixed.  

The following areas qualify for web hosting:

  • Colleges
  • Departments
  • Administrative Areas
  • Research Projects
  • Grant Programs
  • Student Organizations


Web Communications is not able to train or maintain these websites however limited wordpress support is available.

Get an overview of WordPress at

To request a WordPress install or to request the SIU theme be added to your WordPress site please do so through a help ticket.

RSO Groups

We do maintain a WordPress application for RSO groups.  We handle the maintenance and upkeep of the application so all the end users need to do is add content/photos/etc.  You can learn more about it by going to There is a section that explains how to manage the site as well as a section that shows all the existing sites  that use this application.