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A static website is one that does not use a content management system and all pages are built and coded individually.  For these websites you will have FTP access to the web server to upload your web pages and related assets. To access these sites off campus, users will need to be on the Campus VPN.  Certain situations will require users to change their host files to point to the correct server.

To obtain a web hosting, your first step is to fill out a Memo of Understanding.  This will set up the owners of the website.  The owners are the only people that can request major changes to the web site.  They are also the ones that will sign and approve your Cascade User Agreement.


You are welcome to develop your own template.  We do have requirements that need to be met:

Connection Information:

FTP Host name:
Username: FTP Login/Account ID (Can be retrieved from Memo of Understanding)
Password: Can be retrieved from Memo of Understanding 
Web site/Host Directory: /httpdocs/ 
Connect using SFTP
Port: 22 

Note: if you have a WordPress or Joomla site, your FTP HOST NAME is ""

Connecting to your site from OFF CAMPUS

VPNIn order to access your website files from off campus you must be using the VPN client provided by the Information Technology department. You can register and download the VPN Client.

If you have problems with the VPN Client please contact the IT Help Desk at 618-453-5155.

Resources to help you in the development process of your website.