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Memo of Understanding

This memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a document describing an agreement between Web Communications and the department requesting a web account. This memo is our mutual understanding of our agreement and will serve as the basis to carry out the activities necessary.

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Basic Account Information
12/05/2021 .siu.edu
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Contact Information & Ownership

Web Services requires that the site owner be a Fiscal Officer, Department Director or, for RSO's, a Faculty Advisor. A secondary person may be entered in the records as a designate.The Site Owner and Web Designate are the ONLY two people that can request the password.

Primary Site Owner

The primary site owner must be a fiscal officer, director, or RSO faculty advisor. This person will be able to perform administrative functions such as making password change requests, adding, editing, or changing the web designate, adding or changing hosting applications and changing ownership of the hosting account.

Web Designate

The web designate is frequently a department secretary, an RSO officer or member. This person is ideally someone who will actually be maintaining or producing content for the web site or who will be available to help web developers with account access. A designate may not transfer ownership of a web site, but may request password changes.

These addresses will be subscribed to the web1-L mailing list. The Web Services team will periodically use this list to send out important announcements regarding your web account or the server hosting your account.